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re-uploaded videos

it's been a long time since last time I posted something. I'm aware if most of the links on my journal were dead already. the good news is I've finished with re-uploading the videos, but I won't post it here since my journal is open to public. I mean, I've re-uploaded the videos but MF links only so I'm afraid MF will remove/delete all of my links (>,<)
but no need to worry, tego_matsushita kindly offering help to post it on theyuyaverse community. I think it should be posted soon, so please join the community ^_^
last, it would be nice if someone is willing to re-upload the videos to other sites like MEGA, etc. since I can't ^^d

テゴマスの青春 DVD

In 2015 there were so many good news about NEWS! Started from new single "KAGUYA", new album "WHITE", NEWS Live Tour 2015 White, Tegomasu's 4th DVD "テゴマスの青春", Kato-sensei's new novel "傘をもたない蟻たちは" and the latest one, a new single "チュムチュム" *dance*

Last month, when I knew about Tegomasu's new DVD, I asked my cousin who lives in Fukuoka to buy it ^^ She said she'll return in August during summer break. We should watch the DVD together and I'll ask her to translate the MC part, hehe.. Can't wait! *o*

I'd like to buy NEWS DVD as well ^^ Guess I have to wait till next year~


Dachitabi ep 1

Subtitles credit to NEWShFAN.

[Dachitabi] 2011.10.05 Massu & Nakamaru go camping
download : RAW softsubs


Tegomasu & Dekawanko clips [subbed]

Subtitles credit to NEWShFAN.

[Music Station] 2010.04.23 Tegomasu talk & Moshimo Kono Sekai etc
Download : MEGA


[more..][U-LA-LA]  2011.12.19 Tegomasu 3rd concert review
Download : RAW softsubs


[Hiru Nan Desu] 2011.12.29 Tegoshi soccer buddy & Dekawanko
Download : MEGA

hiru nan desu

[ZIP] 2011.12.08 Dekawanko in Paris promo
Download : RAW softsubs


Tegomasu old videos [subbed]

Sharing some of Tegomasu old videos. Subtitles credit to NEWShFAN.
Both of them are so lovely
And it's a little bit early but Happy Valentine! (^o^)

[ZIP] 2012.04.20 Tegoshi cries on tour
[ZIP] 2012.04.20 Tegoshi cries on tour
watch or download

[more..][ItteQ] 2011.05.15 Tegomasu vs Lawnmower Grand Prix
watch or download

[ItteQ] 2011.05.08 Penlight skeleton drawing
download : MEGA

[Hiru Nan Desu] 2011.05.12 Massu
watch or download : downvids

[Music Fair] 2011.02.12 Talk part
watch or download
softsubs credit to beastrife

SDK 140223-Tegomass x Miyagawa
kindly subbed by mikalovesv6, find it here

[Ichiban Song Show] 2011.10.19 Tegomasu talk & Mahou no Melody
tegomasu ichiban
download : RAW softsubs

I realized I missed too many and have been wondering just when I'll be able to catch up. Seeing so many dead links, sometimes I feel so sad and desperate, but there's so many people who kindly bothered to help. Thank you so much guys! *bow
Just found some ItteQ eps so I thought I would share. Credit to vinschisama, please check her/his account to find and watch more videos.
The ending for this festival is kinda surprise me, Tesshi got mad! O.o

ItteQ Men's Festival Team (aired October 12th, 2014)

ItteQ Entertainer Tegoshi Xmas SP (aired December 21st, 2014)
hardsubbed vers. (eng) : here

Happy NEWS Year (^o^)

ya-ya-yah vids subbed

As request, I've re-uploaded some of ya-ya-yah vids that I had in one folder. I'm too lazy to re-upload it one by one, sorry about that (-_-) The files type is flv and the quality is low, since I downloaded it from Youtube, but it's still watchable. Enjoy~ ^^

Download (MEGA) : 001 002 003 004

Ya-ya-yah Honey & Darling : MEGA

some old videos

Hi, sharing some old videos :

(HNT) 2004 - J-Sports WEST VS EAST : here
you have to join the community first

[Nakai Masahiro no Nama Super Drama Fest] 2008.01.07 : here
Koyama-san participated in this show [no. 15, 24, 30, 50]
koyama super drama fest

Making of Dare ka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita : RAW softsubs

2011.07.04 SMAP×SMAP Ojammap SP - KoyaTego : here

2006.05.14 Hatena Vision Channel - Koala's March (ShigeMassu) : here

Happy 11th Anniversary, NEWS

Tegomasu's making of PVs & Event

I found some of Tegomasu's clip, making of PVs dan Tanabata Matsuri Event :
Download : MF folder ==> credit to fierysunrise

Making of Kiss PV : MEGA ==> re-uploaded


aoi bench

Making of World Quest PV and others

Making of World Quest PV :
hardsubbed (eng) : here ==> thanks to newsusafanbase (you have to join first)

[Zoom In] 2011.02.16 Tegoshi :
download : RAW softsubs

zoom in tesshi

Another subbed videos : here